Pics from a CotA track day.

Edge Addicts hosted a track event at Circuit of the Americas this past weekend and I was invited along to take some pics for my wife. She’s an artist and does paintings of cars and is always looking for new subject matter. She’s getting to know all the car people in town and is constantly invited to events to get reference photos.

You know how usually it’s the woman being dragged to the track or car shows by her man. Not so in our case. Every weekend we head out to the local Cars and Coffee shows and such. Usually we’ll take our ‘61 Thunderbird Convertible so we can park with the show cars. This weekend she contacted the organizers of the trackday and asked if she could drop by and get some pics. She had to be at the track by 7:30AM to meet her contact and wanted me to come along to take pics for her. I’d have preferred to stay in bed and sleep late but I’m glad I didn’t, obviously. I always love hanging out in the pits at CotA. Even on a day as hot and steamy as this past weekend.

The nice thing about these events is you’ll see everything from stock Fiat Abarths to race prepped GT3 cars.

As you can tell from the images below, I’m a sucker for a good Martini livery. I’ve included only a sampling. The best pics she’s keeping for herself to use as painting references. :)


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