Illustration for article titled Pit crew drops their Ferrari 458 GT2 during pit stop

I was lucky enough to be an honorary pit crew member for the #60 MSR team this past weekend for the IMSA Tudor Sportscar race. About midway through the 2 hour and 40 minute race our car was running near the front of the pack. I had some down time so I decided to catch a video of the #62 Ferrari racing in the GTLM class making a pit stop and driver change in the pit next door. I caught this little bobble as a bonus. The TV coverage missed it completely.

If you watch the right rear jack/air man, he pulls the air hose about 3 seconds early and drops the approx $600K 458 Italia GT2 onto its poor little carbon fiber nose. They recovered quickly and got it back on the track apparently damage free. The giant 15-inch carbon ceramic rotor was millimeters from contact with the ground. I didn’t get a chance to take a peek at it after the race to see if anything was hurt.


The team still managed to finish 2nd in their class so it doesn’t seem there was any lasting damage from the error.

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